Sunday, May 6, 2007

Laminate this...

Several years ago on that TV show Friends, the characters had a “list” of 5 or so celebrities that they laminated and kept in their wallet. Apparently if you had this person on your list and you, by some quirk of fate, had the opportunity to have sex with them, then your current girlfriend (or boyfriend, whatever) had to allow it, no questions asked.
Just like reality (note the sarcasm in my tone).
But what the heck, I’m a guy and we tend to believe that if we ever got a woman alone for a few minutes we could charm our way into their pants.
So here I go with my laminated list of names
Catherine Bell
Elisha Cuthbert
Carrie Underwood
Jessica Biel
Daisy Fuentes
Yep, all the rest of you ladies read ‘em and weep. But just because you didn’t make the list doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have sex with you, oh quite the opposite. It’s just that these are the top five that I am “allowed” to have sex with and get away with it.
So if you ever see one of these five ladies in Ocala with that lonely, desperate look on their face just point them my way and let them know that they are in for the best 8 seconds of their lives.

Stop laughing Charlie, It could happen…


archshrk said...

It's good to keep it in perspective.

Michele sent me.

David said...

charlie has an unusual laugh