Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We waited, we watched...

Tonight, Charlie and I waited in the backyard to watch the shuttle fly over. On many of the return flights, the path brings them almost directly over our house, and night time landings are prime viewing for us. Tonight the shuttle Endeavour flew over our heads almost right through the constellation, Orion, on a southward path. Somewhere south of Orlando they begin the u-turn back north to land at Kennedy Space Center.
It's rather strange to look up into the night sky and see no commercial flights (closed airspace over us during shuttle landings) and finally see the lights of the shuttle streaking silently through the night sky, and believe me, when I say streaking I mean it really hauls ass. On occasion we hear the twin sonic booms, but not tonight. Tonight it was quiet. For a few minutes I was in awe of the accomplishments of man and I wonder what it will be like in 20 years when I am an old man. Will I still be amazed? Or will I be like so many that take technology and the wonder of science for granted. Likely not.
As I look into the night sky I give thanks to God for the advancements of Mankind and everything it brings to us.
Our lives are rich...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun times on the way...

Tomorrow the CEO of IDEX Corporation (IEX if you are an investor), our parent company, will be visiting our offices. He plans on having an "all employee" meeting and hopefully he will open it up to questions. My question? What are you going to do to bring up my stock price?!?!?!?
Enough of that... my friend Lani (click on the link, left side) is in town and were meeting for a drink after work with about 10 of our best friends. WooHoo!!
Friday is kayaking with the manatees over in Crystal River, should be a hoot as well as a very relaxing day with nature.
I can't wait...

Sunday, March 16, 2008


It finally feels like summer is on it's way. Temps were in the 80's today and it was sunny and gorgeous!!!
I got the yard in shape today, trimmed the Crepe Myrtles and the Philodendrons as they were looking a little shaggy after a long, long winter.
Yesterday Emily, Kristin and I went to see Blue Man Group at Universal. The show was awesome but not quite as good as the one in Las Vegas. Blue Man gets a bad rap by lots of people, but I think they put on a fantastic, funny, high energy show that's well worth seeing.
Afterwards we met Amber in Winter Park and checked out her new apartment. It's pretty nice and close to the UCF campus. We all had dinner at CheeseCake Factory, the food was great and the waiter spent most of the time flirting with Amber and Sadie, Ambers friend from Tampa. But you can't hardly blame him... those girls are stunning!!!
Finally got out of there and headed for Ocala. I got home to find Charlie sprawled out on the couch sleeping.
It's a dogs life...

Monday, March 10, 2008

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hello, it's me...

It seems like I have been busier than a pizza delivery guy at a weight watchers convention lately. Work is crazy as staff has been reduced to stay on track with this slow economy, but there is still plenty to do. I have a new boss, which is OK. He doesn't' suck but he certainly is an operations guy and not a sales guy. It should work out.
Last Saturday my Kayak, Rosie, took me on a nice 4 hour cruise on the Rainbow River. My friends Aimee and Ray went with me as my guides since it was my first trip. If you don't know the Rainbow, its a river created by one of Florida's huge freshwater springs. The water is 72°, crystal clear and runs over six miles before it drops into the Withlacootchie River headed for the Gulf of Mexico. It's a two mile paddle upstream to the head waters then six miles back to the "getout" point and my arms felt it the rest of the day. Rosie handled fantastic and got lots of comments by other kayakers and scuba divers that were also enjoying the river. I thought I might be sore Sunday but I felt great and considered going back, but I had way too much on my plate to do that.
We have another trip planned on Good Friday since it's a holiday for us. Aimee, her friend Val and her two nephews and I are going to Crystal River to paddle with the Manatees. Hopefully the water in the Gulf of Mexico will be still be cold enough to drive them up into the river. It's pretty awesome to float along side one of those gigantic animals. When you see them on TV they seem rather small but when one surfaces close to you and they are almost as long as your kayak, you find a little respect for their size.
Can't wait to wet a paddle...