Sunday, March 16, 2008


It finally feels like summer is on it's way. Temps were in the 80's today and it was sunny and gorgeous!!!
I got the yard in shape today, trimmed the Crepe Myrtles and the Philodendrons as they were looking a little shaggy after a long, long winter.
Yesterday Emily, Kristin and I went to see Blue Man Group at Universal. The show was awesome but not quite as good as the one in Las Vegas. Blue Man gets a bad rap by lots of people, but I think they put on a fantastic, funny, high energy show that's well worth seeing.
Afterwards we met Amber in Winter Park and checked out her new apartment. It's pretty nice and close to the UCF campus. We all had dinner at CheeseCake Factory, the food was great and the waiter spent most of the time flirting with Amber and Sadie, Ambers friend from Tampa. But you can't hardly blame him... those girls are stunning!!!
Finally got out of there and headed for Ocala. I got home to find Charlie sprawled out on the couch sleeping.
It's a dogs life...

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David said...

just what does "long long winter" mean?

we need kayak adventure pictures!