Sunday, August 12, 2007

The decision is made...

I finally got my copy of the Mill Creek kayak construction manual from Chesapeake Light Craft (called CLC from here forward). It’s surprisingly well written and easy to read and understand, with excellent illustrations and good photos. After reading through the manual I find that the CLC method of building a boat differs slightly from other methods I’ve researched on the web. It should be a little easier, especially for a first time builder like me.
Mind you, I’m far from a novice wood smith. I spent several years (younger years) in the construction business doing everything from concrete work all the way to building custom cabinets. I designed and built my own home from the ground up and almost every piece of furniture in it has been built by me. I think I can handle a wooden boat.
Oh crap… I may have just jinxed myself.
The good news is that the people from CLC seem to be committed to their customers and offer their assistance via phone any time I might need it, which is one of the main reasons I selected to work with them and their plans.
I visited Home Depot yesterday to determine how readily available the materials will be and apparently they saw me coming. I can purchase almost everything I need from them except for the fiberglass, miscellaneous hardware, epoxy and marine paint, so I’ll purchase these items from CLC.
The next step is to clean up the garage in preparation for this project. Clean up is always my least favorite part of any project. I have some time to do this since I will be leaving for Atlanta on Aug 21st and will be out for a week. I’ll try to time the arrival of my CLC materials with my return from Atlanta.
I need to shop for some pirate gear...

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