Monday, August 20, 2007

Gone for a few days...

Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta for the second largest trade show in our industry. Or so they say. My guess is that Fire Expo in PA is larger as far as the number of people that attend.
Anyway... our company is cutting back on expenses as are many companies right now. Our sales are down and we are tightening our belts. I think my department, Customer Service and Inside Sales, is the only one not touched at this point, but I'm sure we'll feel it soon enough if we don't get some more orders soon.
On a more interesting note, I ordered the stuff I need to build the kayak. I already have the plywood which I purchased locally and now I am awaiting the plans, epoxy and hardware to arrive from Chesapeak Light Craft. When I get home it should be here and I can get started building the boat. I hope to launch it on or before Thanksgiving.
See you soon...

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Anonymous said...

Well come back home soon, and make sure you visit your brother in Tallahassee!