Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A few days off...

Friday, Emily and I are flying to Dallas to visit our friend Darla and her husband Paul. I haven't had an "out of town" vacation for years and I'm looking forward to it.
We leave Ocala at 5:30am (ugh) on Friday and should arrive in Dallas around noon. Saturday we are having a huge bar-b-que with about 40 people. I get to be the assistant to the Grillmaster and plan on charring many pounds of beef, chicken and pork. Yummy!!
Sunday will be spent goofing off and doing some fun stuff in downtown Dallas. Emily has never been so it's really going to be an adventure for her, however, she's a bit nervous about flying. But she'll be with a seasoned veteran flyer (me) and it will all be good.
Monday we fly back home and then back to the salt mines on Tuesday.
At least it will be a four day week...

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Lani said...

Hope you are having fun - Grillmaster!! Please tell Emily and Darla I send my love!