Friday, November 23, 2007

A very sad day indeed...

I'm heart broken. My brother told me today that he is no longer a Nebraska Cornhusker fan. (pause for sobbing). Where did I go wrong?
I wear the colors proudly... I drink coffee only from the sacred Husker mug... I have the logo sticker on my back window... I listen or watch every game... I check Wally's blog regularly...
I tried to be a good example.
And I failed.
Lord, forgive me, a Husker failure. I beseech you for your football mercy and pray that my brother will see the error of his ways.
Oh, the wretched misery. He wouldn't even watch the game with me today.
I am especially sad because as part of his horrible, horrible confession he openly admitted that he has become (sob) A FLORIDA STATE FAN!!!
Life has become a series of black and gray images. I am despondent.
Maybe I should plan an intervention...

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