Saturday, December 27, 2008

OK... I'm already bored...

The Christmas holiday and following New Years holiday are parked closely to a couple of weekends this year which tempted me to take some vacation to stretch out some "off work" days. I fell into this trap and now I am beginning to feel the boredom set in. I'm off for 12 consecutive days.
I have enjoyed Christmas with my family so far, but the niece and nephew want to spend time with their grandparents and the new Nintendo DS games and my brother is pounding away at his laptop working on a big contract he has to complete. Charlie and I are just hanging out with nothing much to do.
I suppose when you are single and don't have those family obligations there's a lot more free time. While some would envy me, let me tell you... I wish I had something to do. All my favorite Charity groups are all shut down for the holiday and many of my friends are traveling or spending time with their family from far away, so I guess there's not much choice.
Maybe it's a good time to straighten up the shop and get started on a project...


Bob-kat said...

A new project sounds just the ticket :) Now is the perfect time to discover a new hobby. I doscovered photography a couple of years ago and it's perfect for filling up stray corners of time or even whole days :)

Netchick sent me over to say hi!

David said...

Happy New year, russ.
may you and Charlie have a great coming year.
you should have snow to shovel