Sunday, June 7, 2009

Not a shred left...

As you know, I am a huge fan of motor sports be it NASCAR, Formula 1, IRL, Grand-Am or even lawnmower racing (yes, there is such a thing). If it has an internal combustion engine and at least two people are competing, I am a fan. I am amazed at the skills the teams and drivers have to push those vehicles to their limits and their own skills to the ragged edge.
Except for one driver. Kyle Busch.
I feel like he is a snotty nose brat who pouts when he doesn't win. And when he does win, he rubs it in your face. You know... a JERK!!
I didn't think I had any respect left for the guy, but given what he did last night after winning the race in Nashville I have not a shred of respect left for him.
When he got out of his car in victory circle they handed him the trophy, a Gibson guitar hand painted by Sam Bass. What a fantastic trophy and I bet there are hundreds of drivers all over the country who would LOVE to win that prize.
Kyle Busch smashed it on the ground.
Not once. Three times. Then threw it aside like it was nothing.
His reasoning??? Because rock stars do it after their performance.
I'm sorry, Kyle Busch, you are not a rock star. You are a race car driver. Maybe it's time you take a lesson from some true racing legends like Mark Martin, John Force and Benny Parsons. These men accepted both winning and losing with respect for the sport, fans and fellow drivers. And you should too.
When was the last time you saw a hockey play throw the Stanley Cup on the ice?


David said...

at least his family name graces a pretty decent beer company... until the government comes in and takes them over.....
I missed that stunt, but I bet it is on youtube

dorothy said...

i saw the video,
yes, he is a young idiot, for whom age may or may not bring some temperance to this young jock.

David said...

I wonder if you have an opinion about Ashley Force going 300 mph - and getting back in that rocket even after a fiery crash ( seems like a long time ago) She seems like a tough cookie)

Anonymous said...

Too bad some rock star couldn't come along and bash his car on the ground three times and then toss it away.


Maybe going in perpetual left hand circles did something to his brain...

David said...

saw some formula one yesterday and thought of you, and this post.

now Serena Williams is competing for stupid athlete of the week... Thoughts?

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juliana foley said...

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