Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's been a while...

Well David, here I am as you requested.
Worked on the kayak last week and got the outside of the lower hull fiberglassed, just in time for the heat to crank up again and be too hot to work the epoxy.
There's a cold front coming later this week...


David said...

i am a nag, but your favorite nag!

David said...

i set up my work table IN the tree house - must get to those hundred plywood parts ASAP
mine will be 18'6" long, so i will squeeze around the ends to get my work done.

David said...

i am now officially "right behind you" in the process of making a beautiful water craft

David said...

have begun the planing of each piece and then stitching them together.
I am going slow so I do not make too many mistakes

David said...

hull assembled.
epoxy in seams.
almost ready to turn over

David said...

i presume you are aboard a slightly LARGER craft today

David said...

Happy New year! God bless you

Blond Girl said...

Hey Russ.

I'm not sure if you'll remember me, but you used to come by my old blog, Rants, Raves and Revelations of the Blond Girl.

I had to close that blog out, but I've started a new one, Highlights of the Blond Girl.

If you feel like it, drop by. I'm at

Hope you're doing well!

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