Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Summer is finally here...

What a fantastic weekend. It was the annual family reunion which meant that my brother and his family came to visit as well as my sister from Colorado. Of course we did the obligatory All Family picnic at Eddie Ray's house, but after that it was laying by the pool and eating barbeque the rest of the weekend.
And it was a LONG weekend. I took Friday and Monday off so I could get the house ready for company and spend some extra time with family. I got some extra sun so I'm a bit uncomfortable today. A little AfterSun Lotion is helping.
Yesterday I spent the afternoon being lazy and drinking beers and margaritas with my friend Emily. Yessiree, it was Margarita Monday. Later on we had Amber, Sal and Kristin over for steaks and chicken on the grill, some frozen beverages and a little dart tournament.
Hooray for summer...

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