Thursday, August 2, 2007

SunTrust can go piss up a rope...

Several days ago I looked at my online bank statement as I routinely do, and it showed me that someone in New (freaking) York had made some charges with my check card number. So I had to go through the unbelievible ordeal of working with bank employees, most of whom are so brain dead they need to wear a helmet just so they don't injure themselves while eating lunch, to file a fraud claim and get my old card canceled and order a new one.
"No problem sir, your new card will be delivered in 5 working days".
That was 10 days ago.
I just now got off the phone with Suntrust to find out where the heck my new Check Card is and they told me that I hadn't order a new one. Which is bullshit, I ordered it during the same phone call they deleted my old card. I asked if they show my old one cancelled they said yes and that I need to stop by a branch office to order a new card.
They didn't see my humor when I explained that I had visited a branch office earlier today and they told me that I had to either go to the branch I where I opened my account (like I remember where that was) or call the 800 number.
So the branch I visited told me they can't order a new card for me and the people on the 800 line tell me they cant do it either, that I have to go to a branch office.
Catch 22
I must have talked to 10 people before I finally got someone who finally helped me. Each person would pass me along so someone else could give a try at victimizing me.
What a load of crap.
For the last few years Suntrust has been a huge pain in my ass. You have a difficult time talking to someone unless there is 3" of bullet proof Plexiglas between us or if you can hold on the phone for 30 minutes. I guess it's time to find a new bank.
Piss up a rope and stand under it you freaking Sons-a-Bitches...


Odiwan said...

Oh good think I just started a bank acct with them!

David said...

two words about banking:

and how does one piss up a rope?